My Trip To Tampa

I didn't get a whole lot of photos, so some of these are drawings that I sketched out to fill in the blanks. I hope you enjoy it!

First I went to the salon and got all fixed up for the trip.
Here I'm making sure my pets will have enough to eat while I'm gone.
Of course, there are always long lines in the airport. I kept having to stop to show my boarding pass & photo ID.
Finally, at Tampa, I receive the warm reception I've been waiting for.
The next evening, we went out with Tom's family to celebrate his birthday. He stole cake from his grand-nephew and threatened to bite off the poor child's nose.
We stopped on the way to visit Tom's friend in Okechobee or whatever. The cows were staring at me. It was funny.
But I forgot about that trinket I picked up in Old Myakka City. Neat, huh? I wonder if I can do that again.
Better move along now.
Tom lectures me about laying waste to the countryside again. He's such a hippie.
Tom's friend takes us out to his favorite bar. It seems a little seedy to me.
But once we're up on the wheel, it's not so bad.
Returning home, I find that all Hell has broken loose in my apartment.
Ah, peace at last!